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Here at Jaws Paws & Claws we believe that ALL dogs are trainable no matter what. 

Dogs are not deliberately naughty, disruptive or destructive, they just have not been shown the appropriate way to behave and that is where we can help.
we are with all kinds of dogs from puppies to reactive cases, we can cater to you and your dogs needs.



so understanding and kind ive seen a really big difference in my dog already. he knows exactly what the dog is telling him and uses really helpful and successful techniques im so glad ive started using jaws paws and claws to help with my dogs issues



Ross was very helpful for us with our very loud chi x jrt. Such an improvement when you know how. And so good to knew we can get in touch if we feel we are struggling x thank you



instant results. I just had the best dog walk after a difficult series of walks recently and that is because of the generous advice given by Ross. Everything he has advised thus far has worked from scatter feeding to saying good girl when Holly makes eye contact with me. I didn't need to use treats at all and it felt less stressful. His method is appearing to work almost instantly.



I adopted a beautiful but stubborn working cocker. I think for the first few months she was training me! I felt like I didn't know what I was doing and failing her! Enter Ross. I loved his training ethos immediately, he didn't tell me what my dog should or shouldn't be allowed to do he asked me what I expected from my dog and showed me how to achieve it. The training is reward based which was important to me, I didn't want her behaving out of fear. My beautiful dog is still full of mischief but is happy, comes when called and we have bonded through the training. I am a much calmer owner! Ross was always on hand to suggest other options if she wasn't responding. I have to keep at it but she is a different dog than when she arrived. Thanks Ross


Some of our students Reviews more can be found on hour Facebook page

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