Here at Jaws Paws & Claws we believe that ALL dogs are trainable no matter what. 

Dogs are not deliberately naughty, disruptive or destructive, they just have not been shown the appropriate way to behave and that is where we can help.



If you are looking for someone who understands how dogs think and react, and who treats them all with respect and dignity.... look no further! You will get all the appropriate help you need here, delivered in a friendly relaxed environment.

Penny Rose


Ross has worked wonders with Sherman, I can't believe the difference in him in only three weeks. Ross is really knowledgeable and empathises so well with the dogs, I can't recommend him too highly

Willis Commaille


Just before Christmas Archie and myself, finished a course of recall, with Ross, Ross was a fantastic trainer and I can now take Archie for walks off the lead!!!! 
It was a pleasure to work with Ross , he is such a interesting person and nice with it. 
Looking forward to having a session end of January.

Eileen Bailey


I highly recommend Jaws Paws & Claws for help training your dog. My dog was anxious and aggressive towards strange dogs. It made walks quite stressful - trying to avoid other dogs and hoping we didn't have an 'incident'. After just 5 sessions with Ross I am so much more confident, have effective ways of managing contact with other dogs, and walks are far more enjoyable. Ross was able to bring different dogs from his own pack to work with us which really helped. Session times were totally flexible to suit me. All in all a great service, and a good deal less expensive than I'd expected. Thanks Ross!!

‎Lauren Toates‎


Walking was becoming a bit of a drama with 2 reactive dogs. After the first session with Ross they both began and continue to improve. The difference in a few weeks is incredible! He gave lots of practical advice in a very friendly down to earth way. Would definitely recommend, brilliant. Thanks Ross

Sam Brown


After trying a variety of other trainers and training groups it seemed our dog Max was just not going to learn how to walk on a lead without dragging someone along behind him. Since finding Ross and Jaws, Paws and Claws its like having a different dog! The walks are enjoyable and I am happy to say my arm is firmly attached at the socket and this is only after 2 hours! I feel more confident as a dog owner in being able to manage Max. There is still work to be done but with Ross' help I am 100% confident we have turned a corner!Cannot wait for the recall boost and more of Ross' expertise

Siobhan McCann


Just had to leave a review!!
Sad times for me had to go to my mums funeral.......couldn't take my dog with me so asked Ross for his help to look after him...well I have to say my dog only stayed two days with Ross and OMG I have come home with a different dog !!! He even fell asleep in the car where as usually he would be forever panting and fidgeting ....
So if you need any help advice or training I HIGHLY recommend Jaws paws and claws as you first and only port of call

Many thanks Ross for your amazing talents �

Dawn Parkin


​We have started training with Ross and he is amazing! Great patience and clearly knows a huge amount about dogs. We are making huge progress with our Vizsla with Ross' guidance. �

Steve Whaley


​Would highly recommend Ross, gave me some great advice with our pup that's helped a lot, very genuine guy if you have any problems give him a call!

Jack Webber


​definitely recommend Ross to anyone needing help with there dog, he has really helped me with my fear aggressive dog :)

Megan McGonigle


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